Kurt Elling does the unthinkable -- lyrics to a 'Trane solo!

This is truly an amazing thing: Kurt Elling has lovingly reproduced the already-amazing Coltrane classic Resolution from A Love Supreme, with his voice as the solo instrument. Yes, he has indeed written lyrics to an entire solo by John Coltrane - one note per syllable, to pinpoint precision. I've listened to the original and compared with this recording so many times, I can only believe that Elling locked himself up in a closet for 6 months listening to Resolution on repeat, channelling lyrics from a higher intelligence. Did I mention the lyrics are really good, too? A sampling:

But as he came into view the witness saw his eyes were crying.
Tears like blood fell to earth - as he watched heaven disappear in the void - up the drain into the paraboloid - realizing it all - everything -everywhere -into his eyes - seeing that all - he had beloved - went out of itself and away - here in this last ever surge of a day tearing all meaning away - and to the witness's indifference he had this to say:

"I know about birth. I know about death, and how the light goes out of men - the life departing - powerless
giving it up - but in the vast indifference I invent a deeper meaning.

I'm the one who will say 'use the will every day or go mad trying - go to war against the impotent side of living.

Use every power your given to stand and act like a man.

And pray -- every day to every god - strike the bowl of heaven and the ringing will become a law.

Build - bridges where you need to go - bring the fire of enlightenment here to life below.

Speak - mercy to the things you meet - listen up to hear the whispering of the blood you bleed.

Stay awake - no mistake - dance the dream awake - and awake."

-Kurt Elling, Resolution

For more info on this great modern jazz singer, check out www.kurtelling.com.

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