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Dave's Imaginary Sound Space (DISS) is a site by Dave Holmes, that covers such topics as (in his own words) "digital audio & music, podcasting, video, multimedia, open content tools, & sundry exotic web references." Sounds like that covers just about everything interesting about the internet. ;) Definitely my kind of site ...

Check out the great review of Increase the Dosage, reproduced in its entirety:


Revolution Void is a music project that blends electronic styles with live improvisation. The project is masterminded by the talented young producer, jazz pianist and DJ Jonah Dempcy who describes the combination of improvised jazz, funk and hip-hop as 'electronic breakbeat jazz'.
'Increase The Dosage' is an 11 track album currently distributed under a Creative Commons license. Originally released on CD in the spring of 2004, 'Increase The Dosage' is now widely available online for free legal download including album artwork.
The line-up of accomplished musicians weave an intricate framework of danceable instrumental arrangements. Journey through soundscapes of down-to mid-tempo tracks with funky syncopated breakbeats, dub and funk bass lines, DJ cuts and scratches, improvised sax and trumpet solos, moody jazz keyboards and occasional vocal parts. This is quality music with attitude and direction that is sure to get plenty of attention from podcasters and the P2P community. Check the website out for more Revolution Void music and collaborations.
Project Websites
Album Distribution Sites
Internet Archive - streaming audio and download file formats: Flac, Ogg Vorbis, 64Kbps MP3, VBR MP3.
LegalTorrents.com - Bittorrent download of MP3 audio and artwork 97 MB.
minova - Bittorrent 192kbps mp3 w/album art by Shawn, 96.87 megabyte.
Track List

1. Invisible Walls 6:59
2. Factum par Fictio 8:37
3. Habitual Ritual 6:05
4. Effects of Elevation 5:12
5. The Modern Divide 5:05
6. Weekend Amnesia 5:58
7. Double the Daily Dose 3:55
8. Obscure Terrain 3:42
9. Accelerated Lifestyle 8:10
10. Headphonetic 6:36
11. Nebulous Notions 6:57
Runtime: 67:22
All songs written and produced by Jonah Dempcy.
Jonah Dempcy - Hammond B-3, Rhodes, keyboards, scratching
Matthew Garrison - Bass on tracks 2 and 4
Seamus Blake - Sax on tracks 1 and 2
Darryl Estes - Sax on tracks 3, 7 and 10
Nicolas Manel - Guitar on track 9
Michael Shrieve - Drumloop source material on track 5
Dave Hill, jr. - Drumloop source material on tracks 2, 5, 9, 10
Steven Burke - Drumloop source material on track 1
James Rotondi - Bassloop source material on tracks 1, 4, 5, 7-11
Gino Srdjan Yevdjevich and Elysha Zaide - Vocals on track 5


Wow, just wow. I'm truly honored. Talk about a detailed feature! He included just about every web link I have, as well as writing a review of the album that's much better than my current press kit. I've got to hire this guy to do my PR! ;)

Thanks, Dave!



Legal Torrents

Legal Torrents

^ BitTorrent release of Revolution Void - Increase the Dosage (complete 192kbps mp3 with album art)

I love Legal Torrents -- I subscribe to their RSS feed and download from them all the time! They are a great resource for Creative-Commons-licensed and otherwise legally-distributable works. Besides music, they also have audiobooks, films and more. Legal Torrents is a hallmark of the information-age rennaisance. Live it up!




Reviews of all types of electronic music: in-tune.blogspot.com



Revolution Void - Increase the Dosage

The latest Revolution Void album Increase the Dosage has been released
to the public under a Creative Commons license.

The web-release comes with artwork by Shawn Wolfe.

It's available for download at www.revolutionvoid.com.


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Kurt Elling does the unthinkable -- lyrics to a 'Trane solo!

This is truly an amazing thing: Kurt Elling has lovingly reproduced the already-amazing Coltrane classic Resolution from A Love Supreme, with his voice as the solo instrument. Yes, he has indeed written lyrics to an entire solo by John Coltrane - one note per syllable, to pinpoint precision. I've listened to the original and compared with this recording so many times, I can only believe that Elling locked himself up in a closet for 6 months listening to Resolution on repeat, channelling lyrics from a higher intelligence. Did I mention the lyrics are really good, too? A sampling:

But as he came into view the witness saw his eyes were crying.
Tears like blood fell to earth - as he watched heaven disappear in the void - up the drain into the paraboloid - realizing it all - everything -everywhere -into his eyes - seeing that all - he had beloved - went out of itself and away - here in this last ever surge of a day tearing all meaning away - and to the witness's indifference he had this to say:

"I know about birth. I know about death, and how the light goes out of men - the life departing - powerless
giving it up - but in the vast indifference I invent a deeper meaning.

I'm the one who will say 'use the will every day or go mad trying - go to war against the impotent side of living.

Use every power your given to stand and act like a man.

And pray -- every day to every god - strike the bowl of heaven and the ringing will become a law.

Build - bridges where you need to go - bring the fire of enlightenment here to life below.

Speak - mercy to the things you meet - listen up to hear the whispering of the blood you bleed.

Stay awake - no mistake - dance the dream awake - and awake."

-Kurt Elling, Resolution

For more info on this great modern jazz singer, check out www.kurtelling.com.


Music review: Herbie Hancock - Possibilities (2005)

This album could have been so much more. It could have been a picking-up where The New Standard (1995) left off, a launching point for spontaneous improvisation. It could have been an opportunity for some of the greatest modern jazz players to improvise without the confines of over-complex chord progressions, the simplicity of the harmonic content allowing the musicians freedom to explore and go wherever the music takes them. Instead, it is a flat, dry, unashamedly commercial affair that has a cast of characters including Christina Aguilera (!), Sting and Santana.

Whereas The New Standard followed the time-honored tradition of jazz music to re-interpret and even re-invent songs from the pop idiom, Possibilities is, simply, pop. This album fails to satisfy even the most basic pre-requisites for maintaining my interest, so I give 1 out of 5 stars.


Electronic Breakbeat Jazz blog formed

The focus of this blog will be to review and discuss music that falls under the category of electronic breaks, jazz, or a combination thereof.

This is a companion blog to revolutionvoid.blogspot.com, which is for news and updates regarding the electronic music project Revolution Void. (www.revolutionvoid.com)

I have seen a lot of spam posted in the comments on Blogger, but I've still left the comments open. Why? Because the internet is about interactivity, and we can't let a few spammers get in the way of that.

By the way, posting a canned message that is relevant to the topic at hand (ie: electronic breakbeat jazz) will not be considered spam, so feel free to do so.

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